3 Ways Generation Z Will Transform the Workplace

by Ryan Jenkins


ollowing the entrance of millennials, Generation Z, defined as those born after 1998, has begun creeping its way into the workplace.

Gen Z has been raised in an on-demand culture and been shaped by ubiquitous connectivity, social media, mobile technology, a post-9/11 world and a deep recession. This is a generation of self-starters, self-learners and self-motivators who are eager to leave their mark on the world.

Gen Z will be showing up to work sooner than you think. Here are three ways the generation will transform the workplace.

With Their Desire for Multiple Career Roles and Routes
It’s not uncommon for members of this generation to be managing multiple major life projects. For instance, they might be pursuing a college degree, performing routine maintenance on their own productivity app and growing a YouTube audience.

Indeed, members of this generation want their career roles and routes to be as diverse as their personal interests. They will be eager to hold jobs in marketing, accounting, human resources and sales within the first year or two of employment.

With Their Heightened Communication Efficiency, Frequency and Authenticity
For a generation that uses Snapchat to communicate via video, images and text, the generation’s members will view email as an antiquated technology that will ultimately hinder the efficiency, frequency and authenticity of their communication.

Whether it’s company information, peer-to-peer communications or employee feedback, organizations will need to find ways to streamline communications. Organizations will have to quickly reconsider legacy communication platforms, timetables and information accessibility as Gen Z enters the workplace.

With Their Penchant to be Tech-Dependent and DIY Workers
Couple Gen Z’s 24/7 access to the world’s information with growing up during the Great Recession, and you get a very empowered employee that is equipped and willing to “do it myself.”

Gen Z will not only bring their own device to work but will bring their own application, too, where they use an app they developed themselves to execute work tasks faster and with greater productivity.

Organizations must create a company culture of “do it yourself” and equip Gen Z with the relevant technology to execute and innovate.